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Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

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Savvy Mobile Detailing's Headlight restoration aims to turn your faded, dull looking headlights back into its factory look as well as help you see better on the road at night.

We offer a specific package for this detail to provide safety and visibility to our customers. 

Pricing does not change depending on size of vehicle and we offer a flat guaranteed rate for this detail. 
  • Headlights are first cleaned to prepare them for wet sanding
  • Headlights are progressively wet-sanded up to a finer grit until defects are removed
  • Headlights polished and buffed with cutting compound, and then hit with a final polish to leave factory new shine and clarity. 
  • Optional Liquid Scent Application. Options include: 
  • - Honeydew (Most Popular) 
    - Black Ice
    - Signature Scent (Mild Cologne) 
    - Strawberry
    - New Car Smell
    - Grape
    - Leather

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